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John McCain, A Debate, And Joe The Plumber

While there are many opinions on who won the presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, there is one man who won and his name is “Joe the plumber’. So who exactly is this mysterious plumber? Well his real name is Joe Wurzelbacher and he first came onto the national stage when he had a short exchange with senator Barack Obama. John McCain took advantage of their exchange to try and paint Obama as a tax and spend liberal who will punish small businesses with higher taxes. For those who don’t know, Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher would like to purchase the plumbing company he has been employed at but is concerned about being placed in a different tax bracket due to the higher income, this issue was then spun off in the debate by McCain and Obama to discuss taxes, health care, and issues regarding small businesses.

Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Email Account Hacked (Screenshots)

Sarah Palin’s personal yahoo email, [email protected] has been hacked, perhaps they are hacking for democracy? Here are the screenshots of the account:

Barack Obama Height

Aside from the obvious, one of the thing that most people immediately notice about Barack Obama is his height. His slim figure makes him look much taller than he really is but don’t be fooled, his height is far from an illusion. There has been a lot of debate about his official height but most media sources report him at 6 1/2. Some who have shaken his hand say he must be taller while others report that he looks shorter in person, really the only way you’ll be able to judge for yourself is to see him with your own eyes.