How many active bloggers are in India in 2020?

How many active bloggers are in India in 2020?

Gentle Intro to the World of Indian Blogosphere

Have you ever found yourself on the curious path of figuring out how many active bloggers are there in our diverse world? Well, your wandering mind has led you to the perfect place. My Dalmatian, Charlie, is laying by my feet as I dive into this captivating topic. His spot-coated fur somewhat resembling the wide range of blogging themes available. Let's hit the road of Indian blogosphere and see this vibrant digital landscape.

Unveiling the Indian Blogging Scene

Cats like Bella, my Siamese cat, are known for their curiosity, and it's this very quality that sparks a blogging revolution, especially in India. The world’s second-most populous country, India is also a powerhouse in the digital sphere. This is fueled by its rapidly expanding internet penetration and an active young generation keen on self-expression. Blogging in India is not just limited to a hobby anymore. It has rapidly transformed into a lucrative profession, with the number of bloggers witnessing an exponential rise. But how many active bloggers are there? The answer might surprise you, or maybe your guess was in the ballpark! Let's unravel that mystery.

Unravelling the Numbers Game

Charlie is pawing at my laptop now, maybe because he loves numbers as much as his walks. If you're like Charlie, brace yourself. The number of active bloggers in India in 2020 is estimated to be over 31 million! That’s equivalent to the entire population of Malaysia! Quite a fun fact to impress your friends with, isn't it? Yet, this number represents a mere fraction of its massive 560 million internet user base as of 2020. This underlines the enormous potential and growth projections of the Indian blogging scene, which I personally find fascinating.

Blog Niches: Diverse as the Indian Culture

As a blogger, one of the most interesting things to me is the variety in blog themes, niches if you like. In India, they are as varied as its diverse and rich culture. From food to fashion, and travel to tech, you name it - India's 1.3 billion population offers a vast audiences base for virtually any niche. Of course, my niche is writing about blogging facts and figures, and Charlie and Bella surely enjoy it, even though they might not understand all the digital terminology!

Active Blogging: The Pursuit of Passion and Profit

Remember when I said blogging in India is not just a hobby anymore? Well, let me expand on that. The definition of an active blogger is someone who is regularly updating and maintaining their blog. Therefore, looking at the significant blogging populace in India, it’s clear that many Indians are either pursuing their passions or profiting from blogging, or both! The velocity of the digital revolution in India is truly commendable and exciting, both for established and budding bloggers!

Captivating Stories: The Heart of Indian Blogging

As someone who’s been in the blogging sphere for the past decade, one thing I’ve come to appreciate is a compelling story. In India, storytelling lies at the heart of every blog narrative. This vibrant depth enriches Indian blogs and is a key reason behind their global recognition. Interestingly, my Bella loves hearing stories, and maybe that’s why she’s always curled up next to me while I’m reading an Indian blog!

Looking at it from my desk, pet-loving writer's perspective, the sheer scale and diversity of Indian blogosphere is truly mind-boggling. It's like throwing a super epic party of ideas, experiences, and stories, with everyone invited. It's a banging scene, metaphorically speaking of course. Oh, I think Bella just knocked over a vase out of excitement. Or was it Charlie? Well, I'll let them sort it out while we wrap up this adventurous exploration into the Indian blogosphere.

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