Barack Obama Biography

Posted by on December 11, 2008

Behind The Barack Obama Campaign

Posted by on November 10, 2008

Many people both inside and outside of Washington and the national media have come to the conclusion that President Elect Barack Obama has ran one of the greatest and most comprehensive ground games in history. There are many forces that drove this campaign but today we’re going to take a quick look at the top 3.

1. Organization and Team Building - One of Barack Obama’s greatest talents is finding other people with top notch talent and a passion for their work, so it was no surprise that when it was time to pick a campaign manager Barack Obama chose David Plouffe. Plouffe had been working as a democratic party campaign consultant for Axelrod and associates. David Plouffe’s greatest strength came in the primaries when he along with chief strategist David Axelrod devised a game plan that would heavily rely on caucus states instead of primary states and work on extending the campaign far beyond “Super Tuesday”. This plan not only allowed them to tally more delegates than Hillary Clinton, it also allowed them to build their national campaign infrastructure from the ground up. By the time the general election came around the campaign had already competed, recruited, and gathered donors in all 50 states. This allowed the campaign to avoid one of the biggest road blocks politicians face when running for office, the dreaded “October surprise”. But since voters already knew Obama, there was little the McCain campaign could say to scare away voters.

2. Small Donors - Big campaigns require a large amount of cash to fuel the day to day operations and the Obama campaign was no exception. Barack Obama had only been a senator for 2 years when he decided to run for president and faced an uphill battle when it came to raising cash against the Clinton machine of the 1990’s. If he had the choice he probably would have relied on big donors but since that option wasn’t available the campaign had to rely on the small donors and the net-roots for support. Many view Barack Obama as generational shift not only because of his young age but because he is the first candidate to really run a 21st century campaign that took advantage of the internet and technology. Campaign volunteers were actually given the ability to phone-bank from home with pre-written scripts and even worked along side the Obama campaign to stomp out viral emails and message board postings that contained false or misleading information about the Senator.

3. Getting Out The Vote - This was the heart of the Obama campaign, it has been called one the greatest ground-game operation in United States history. It doesn’t matter how much airtime you buy, or how well you perform in the debates. If you can’t get your supporters out to the polls on election day that you will have absolutely no chance of winning. The Obama campaign understood this and during the primaries and in the general election it did everything possible to make sure voters got to the polls. Earlier we mentioned how Obama is the first 21st century President, and if you want more evidence of that checkout what he did to make sure voters got to the polls. The Barack Obama campaign hired a technology company to develop a voter database that updated in real-time as people voted, as voters came into their precincts to cast their ballot the Obama headquarters would send out the information to volunteers in the field. As soon as the information was received on the volunteers blackberry, the voter’s name would be crossed off a list and marked as “voted”. At 3:00 PM the volunteers would then go through the list and call everybody who has yet to vote and encourage them to make it to the precinct.

John McCain, A Debate, And Joe The Plumber

Posted by on October 16, 2008

While there are many opinions on who won the presidential debate between John McCain and Barack Obama, there is one man who won and his name is “Joe the plumber’. So who exactly is this mysterious plumber? Well his real name is Joe Wurzelbacher and he first came onto the national stage when he had a short exchange with senator Barack Obama. John McCain took advantage of their exchange to try and paint Obama as a tax and spend liberal who will punish small businesses with higher taxes. For those who don’t know, Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher would like to purchase the plumbing company he has been employed at but is concerned about being placed in a different tax bracket due to the higher income, this issue was then spun off in the debate by McCain and Obama to discuss taxes, health care, and issues regarding small businesses.

Sarah Palin’s Yahoo Email Account Hacked (Screenshots)

Posted by on September 17, 2008

Sarah Palin’s personal yahoo email, [email protected] has been hacked, perhaps they are hacking for democracy? Here are the screenshots of the account:

Barack Obama Raises $66 Million This Month

Posted by on September 14, 2008

Well it turns out that recent rumors of a declining donor base can be put to rest as the Obama campaign releases it’s August fund raising numbers.

Why Isn’t Obama Hitting McCain On The Economy?

Posted by on September 14, 2008

With oil at over $100, failing banks, mortgage lenders, and wall street firms, and millions of Americans losing their homes and drowning in debt you would think Obama would be hitting McCain on the Bush economy but so far his campaign has barely even tapped the issue. Perhaps they are waiting and trying to pull an all out battle over the economy in October?

Barack And Michelle Obama Fist Bump

Posted by on June 6, 2008

The now, infamous Obama Fist Bump. They should seriously patent this one…

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Obama And Clinton Unity Ticket Highly Unlikely

Posted by on June 5, 2008

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama campaign has confirmed that a unity ticket with Hillary Clinton is highly unlikely. The Obama campaign stated that the decision was based on Bill Clinton’s reluctance to release information about his presidential library donors and his previous business dealings since leaving the white house. The Obama campaign stated that all vice presidential candidates would need to be thoroughly vetted through a process.

Hillary Clinton Will Endorse Barack Obama On Friday

Posted by on June 5, 2008

According to the New York Times, Senator Hillary Clinton will suspend her campaign on Friday and officially endorse Barack Obama on Friday June 6th. The move was suggested to her by her strongest supporters in Washington after being pressured by her own campaign strategists which suggests that Clinton was not prepared to concede until this afternoon.

More from the New York Times:

Barack Obama’s Victory Speech In St. Paul MN June 3rd 2008

Posted by on June 4, 2008

Barack Obama gives his victory speech and becomes the official democratic nominee

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